Apple erases the iOS App Store from iTunes

Apple erases the iOS App Store from iTunes”

Control Center has been redone in iOS 11 with more interactive widgets and a more streamlined look.

Once you've upgraded your computer's iTunes installation to version 12.7, you'll no longer be able to manage your App downloads from the program.

Apple has chose to remove the built-in App Store from iTunes 12.7 as part of its effort to streamline its online services on desktop computers.

This version of iOS 11 should be very close to finished with most of the bugs ironed out - after a record-breaking 10 beta updates over the past few months - but there's still a chance you'll need to download an update on release day.

This new change effectively means that users can now download apps or ringtones only from their iOS devices. The option to sync ringtones and apps to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch has been removed.

If you are an Android user, you may or may not be aware that Apple has launched 2018 iPhones.

The Messages app is also being given an update, with a redesign to the app's draw, allowing easier access to stickers, GIFs and more. Apple has made various improvements to Siri, making it smarter and more natural sounding than ever before. Each is eagerly anticipated by consumers since all of them have been packed with new features. The official iOS 11 is expected to arrive on 19 September.

A new tab, called "Today" will show apps and stories about developers on a daily basis.

Devices will need to be near each other and unlocked to connect.

What Siri learns on one device will be synced across all devices in iOS 11, but this is still private thanks to end-to-end encryption, Apple says. It takes a split second for the menu to appear and you will get used to the right amount of pause once you actually use the iPhone X.

But taking away the ability to browse iOS apps on Macs and PCs is a step backward for users.

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