Why Apple's High-End iPhone 8 Might Ship Later Than Expected

Why Apple's High-End iPhone 8 Might Ship Later Than Expected”

We're down to less than a week before we see Apple officially debut the iPhone (or possibly iPhone Edition).

Ever since 2012, the newest iPhone has been launched in September, and based on the growing hype and upcoming keynote scheduled for September 12, this year is looking no different.

But will it be worth the price to people now getting by with an Android or a previous iPhone incarnation? Samsung, being the world's largest OLED supplier (with over 90% market share), is expected to be a big beneficiary of this shift.

Apple's forthcoming iPhone 8 - including a premium model expected to cost around $1,000 - has encountered manufacturing problems that will delay the new smartphone's production pipeline by at least a month, the Wall Street Journal reported. If you want an iPhone 8 at launch, get your order in early or be prepared to face a day flicking through overpriced eBay auctions while questioning your life choices. There's expectation that the edges of iPhone 8's frame would be polished, so that it would look like one incredible sheet of glass.

At times that means only a single color is available at launch, other times units are actually in limited supply.

The iPhone 8 is also expected to arrive with 3GB of RAM, and a tiny but faster 10nm A11 Fusion chipset.

Despite iPhone 8's shipment delay, the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will be up for grabs on time. According to a report by AppleInsider, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with KGI Securities pointed that Apple may be paying $120-$130 for each OLED display panel instead of the price of $45-$55 for the LCD panels being used in iPhone 7 Plus. Apple is removing the physical Home button to make room for the edge-to-edge OLED screen, and Touch ID may be replaced with facial recognition. Apple then made a decision to just get rid of the fingerprint sensor and rely on facial recognition instead. This is where Apple shines, as 53.4% of Chinese iPhone owners said that they would choose to buy another iPhone.

As we all know that Samsung is now famous for the OLED screen and its manufacturing, Apple has roped in Samsung for the production of the screen.

"The iPhone X will supposedly have a 5.8" AMOLED display with 18:9 aspect ratio - just like on other popular flagship devices such as the LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8/+, Note 8 and more.

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