Netanyahu: Trump decision on Iran deal 'brave'

Netanyahu: Trump decision on Iran deal 'brave'”

It does not belong to any single country.

Richard N. Haass is president of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of A World in Disarray: American Foreign Policy and the Crisis of the Old Order.

In exchange for lifting sanctions on Iran, the JCPOA provided international inspectors broad access to Iran's nuclear program as Iran sharply curtailed the program.

In a speech on Friday (Oct 13), Trump laid out an aggressive approach on Iran and said he would not certify it is complying with the nuclear accord, despite a determination by the United Nations'nuclear watchdog that Tehran is meeting its terms. We'll need to find a way to muddle through. "It's Trump versus everybody on his team". (The European Union did in fact reject Trump's gambit, and Iran did crow that the United States is isolated.) What's more, you've now heard that Trump is threatening to impose sanctions (i.e., not issue the waiver) in January to effectively end the deal. Iranians insist that it be referred to as the Persian Gulf, taking Arabian Gulf as an insult.

He accused Iran of "multiple violations of the agreement", but was light on specific examples.

"We will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror, and the very real threat of Iran's nuclear breakout", Trump said.

The deal gave Iran relief from some international economic sanctions in return for Iran allowing inspections and limits on its nuclear program.

And the deal has worked.

America's new Iran policy is more or less the reverse of Teddy Roosevelt's famous dictum.

"The mainstreamers now control the bureaucratic process", says Thomas Wright, a senior fellow on foreign policy at the Brookings Institution. But experts think it's nothing good.

The administration is working hard to present a united front, telling reporters the entire national security team is behind Trump's Iran decision. "That frequency has also irritated aides who have complained that they are spending inordinate amounts of time on certification at the expense of other issues". "Trump's tone was very hyperbolic". "Save your energy Rex", Trump continued.

"This radical regime", Trump said, "has raided the wealth of one of the world's oldest and most vibrant nations and spread death, destruction, and chaos around the globe". This Trump's move brings us concern. From the perspective of the West, it's not perfect.

And still. Trump didn't go that far on Friday.

Total signed its deal with Iran in July, making recent history. "It goes beyond neocons and Iraq".

In the modern era, however, the America First ethos has not resided in the White House - until Trump. That is abhorrent and unacceptable. Someone of that caliber could help defuse tensions between the United States and the E.U. and convey a level of seriousness without rattling our allies.

So while the practical provisions of the deal may be, in Banai's words, "toothless grandstanding", the grandstanding itself is quite dangerous.

It cannot be assumed, as some do, that Iran's intentions and behavior will moderate over the next decade or 15 years. He simply redefined the rules of the game, according to his own terms.

"Europe ought to be pleased that the White House is listening to them", says Mr. Carafano. "We're close with our ears to the ground. I don't think anyone believes he's an isolationist". "So what do we do to make Iran more accountable so that they do?"

As for the future of Trump's national security team, questions abound.

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